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So this is where we are

“On Saturday at the farmer's market in Sarasota, I happily gave some money to Andrew Gillum's campaign for governor of Florida even if I don't vote here, because I think he'd be an excellent governor. They offered me a badge to wear, and I said thank you, but no, and continued shopping. But something was bothering me, and finally I stepped off to one side to try and figure it out, which didn't take long. I had refused the badge, because I was afraid it might make me the target of some kind of crackpot to express a political opinion publicly in broad daylight in the United States. When I realised this with a very heavy heart, I went back to the stand, asked for the button, and pinned it to my shirt. I did this to honour someone I loved deeply, the Austrian grandmother of a childhood friend who always wore a shirt at the beach unless she was swimming, because she had a concentration camp tattoo. When I saw it and asked her about it once, she asked my mother how she should answer, and my mother said, Please tell him the truth. So she did, and I sobbed. A few days after the appalling national tragedy in Pittsburgh, the one thing I could think of to do to honour of the memory of these people is not to allow the lights to go out, because when fear takes over, the despots march in.”__Alec Lobrano

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